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Assigned with another essay and this time without a topic? I understand your condition. You must be feeling helpless since your mind is full of topics but when you start writing nothing seems perfect and appropriate to write my essay.



So what to do in this situation when you are in crunch time and you still have not decided on a topic? Well, you can take help from an essay writing service where there is a qualified professional who can help you write a perfect essay even if you do not provide them the topic. You can just tell them the type of essay you want to write my essay for me. Your work will be completed shortly.


But what if you can write an essay yourself but run out of ideas? Well, in that case, you need to consider several points while searching for a topic that is best suited. The most important tip is that you need to select an essay type and then use online tools or sources from the library to select a topic. Your topic should be interesting so that you can create an arguable thesis statement.


You must be worried about where to start your search but let’s just be honest, we all have argued over several topics many times. Even in our daily life, we argue with friends, family members, and even with our colleagues over a number of topics but when it comes to writing an argumentative essay, many students are unable to choose a topic that they can discuss in an essay. 


Sometimes the best ideas are sparked by just looking and exploring different options. So do not limit your search and look for diversity. Below is the list of compelling topics that you can use to write a paper writing service online that will immediately grab the reader’s attention. So let’s get started.


  1. Why women are paid less than men in the corporate sector.
  2. Child adoption by a gay family.
  3. Should sex- education be made a part of a curriculum?
  4. Is homeschooling a better option than the public school educational system?
  5. Should fast-food chains be banned permanently?
  6. Is pop culture responsible for elevating violence among teens?
  7. Should getting a tattoo to be legalized below the age of 18 or not
  8. Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes or not?
  9. Democracy Vs Dictatorship what’s your choice?
  10. Do dreams really have a symbolic meaning?
  11. Should same-sex marriage be legalized?
  12. Is it ethical to eat products made from meat?
  13. Legalizing human cloning: what’ your stance?
  14. Abortion: A pro-choice or a pro-life?
  15. Why workplace dating should not be allowed?
  16. Should displaced refugees be given shelter by every country?
  17. Why being vegetarian is good for your health?
  18. Hunting should be banned permanently. Do you agree?
  19. Is social media portraying the unrealistic body image?
  20. Why do teens idolize celebrities?
  21. Technology, a gift, or a curse?
  22. Are robots replacing humans?
  23. Does keeping exotic animals as pets are inhumane?
  24. Wearing fur and leather is unethical.
  25. Why female celebrities are being objectified by our media?
  26. Genetic modification of livestock. Do you agree?
  27. Teenage marriages should be banned.
  28. Video games: abuse or leisure.
  29. Bermuda triangle a myth or reality.
  30. Can music be considered a real form of art?
  31. Illegal immigrants and terrorism.
  32. Will artificial intelligence replace physicians?
  33. Premarital sex: still a stigma?
  34. Is spanking a way to make children well-behaved?
  35. Violent lyrics can develop violent behavior
  36. Surrogacy a light of hope for people.
  37. Online dating is ruining old-school romance.
  38. Online dating cause frustration.
  39. Patriotism is a virtue or not?

 After going through the above list you can choose a topic that you think you can write about custom essay writer. Remember! Before writing always search for evidence from authentic resources to support your claim.


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