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Engrossing Tips to Write an Outstanding College Essays - An Ultimate Guide

Do you want a key to your dream college? Well, every single student would love that. Unfortunately, no key would get you an admission in the college of your dreams. However, there is a way that can take you to your dream college. But for that, you have to strictly follow that path. You cannot follow it hallway and then come complaining that it took you nowhere, you did not make it to your dream college "essay writer". I am telling you, you have to follow it till the end. It is like a marathon. Do you ever see the number of runners taking part in a marathon? Did you ever see the number of runners making it to the finish line? Well. If you haven’t, you would be amazed to know that a very small number of people run all the way, most of them quit after running a few blocks. But those who do not give up and keep going, eventually, make it to the end. Similarly, in the case of your college application, you should not worry about seeing the number of applicants. You should keep it in your mind that most of those applicants are like those marathon runners who give up after running a few blocks.

Do you want your college admission essay to breathe in life in your admission application? Do you want your college essay to compensate for your not so good grades? Do you want your college application essay to compensate for your weak extracurricular record? To begin with, you are fortunate that admission officers put too much weight on admission essays. However, to make a difference, you have to write an exceptional college application essay. This is the only way to stand out from the crowd of hundreds of students. However, it is not an easy task for students to write a college essay, especially for those who have the additional pressure of not having a bright report card. Well, now that you are on this blog, you should now worry because I am going to share an ultimate guide to writing a college essay, that you can follow to inspire your admission officer.

Start early

Do you know what it is that those successful marathon runners are doing differently? Well, they start preparing for the marathon earlier than the other runners, who quit after running a kilometer. Similarly, if you do not want to end up like those unsuccessful marathon runners, you should start working on your essay as early as possible. If you start early, you will have enough time to work on your first draft and then edit and re-edit it to make it perfect. You can divide your college essay into different steps to write a good essay. You will only be able to do this if you start early.

Understand the essay prompt

Most of the college application essays are directly thrown into the bin by the admission officers because the students had not written the essay on the given prompt. This happens when students begin writing their essay without first understanding the essay prompt. If you do not want that to happen to your college application, you must first fully understand the prompt before putting pen to paper. You can discuss the prompt with your teacher to make sure that you have fully understood it correctly.


You have to get creative to make a difference. Therefore, after understanding the essay prompt, you should start brainstorming, looking for a good way to start your essay or some great way to support your arguments by telling your story. You do not want to forget any of your great ideas, therefore, you should note down all of them on a paper.

Make an outline

Can one make a good building without a blueprint? No! Similarly, if you want to compose a good essay, you must first sketch it. You must strategize what arguments you are going to present in your essay and how you are going to support them. This will not only keep you from hitting the writer’s block in the middle of the end of your essay but also save a lot of your time. If you are having trouble in outlining your essay, you can avail of free essays from a writing service provider. You can share your essay prompt and they will help you outline your essay for free.

Share your voice

The admission officer knows all about your academic as well as extracurricular record, you do not have to write about that in your essay. The admission office is an opportunity for you to exhibit your writing skills and most importantly, share your voice and story with the admission officer. This is what makes you stand out.

Avoid clichés

I bet you have already read out several application essays before sitting to writing the first draft. Well, it is a good thing that you are reading to get an idea about the application essay. However, you should not fall for the trap of using clichés. Other students applying for college have also read those or similar college essays and many of those students are going to use these clichés in their essays "essay writing service". The admission officer will know that students are copying these clichés and would get frustrated after reading them over and over again. Therefore, if you do not want to add to the frustration of the admission officer, you should avoid the use of clichés.

Increasing the readability of your essay

After completing your essay draft, you should read it out loud to yourself and if possible to your friend or a family member. If a sentence does not sound right, you must either rephrase it, omit it, or relocate it. You should make sure that your sentences are flowing in a logical way.

Edit and Proofread

I cannot stress this enough. You should always edit and proofread your drafts before finalizing them. It is always a good idea to get someone else to proofread your essay. By proofreading, you will weed out all the grammatical and spelling errors from your essay.

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