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Mishio MK01 oil-free fryer has a capacity of 2.6 liters, frying a lot of food, sufficient for household requirements. 1300 W power
combined with oil-free frying technology saves up electricity to 20% for home, helps decrease up to 80 percent of fat, ensures
security for users' health. Program of Rapid Air technology using convection fan will help to efficiently spread heat across the
kettle to cook food more evenly. The frying basket has an insulated handle that makes it effortless to utilize, moving with a
massive oil pan, no worry of oil spilling out. Both are made from metal coated with safe, easy-to-clean powder coat. 
Straightforward overhead control panel, simple temperature adjustment. Support housewives using quick, more active cooking using
30-minute timer.Design, design acceptable for demands Although the oil-free fryer is small, the layout is simple, it still brings
a modern aesthetic to the interior space. The fryer is constructed from premium quality plastic, glistening, withstand impact
force, good heat resistance. Working capability Presently, the power of this fryer in the market ranges from 1300 W - 1425 W, the
bigger the power is, the faster cooking time is going to be, but electricity will probably be more costly. Customers are
completely assured when using. If purchasing a product, you must assess the guarantee card whether or not, to be assured of
returning as soon as the item is defective. Good warrantyGenuine oil-free fryer goods available on the market are justified from 1
to 2 years (depending on the company), high-end versions will be warranted for longer. The oil-free fryer is a electric home
appliance that cooks food without using oil, that is quite suitable for people that are scared to shed weight. But how to choose
to buy the best fryer now, then you need to learn through the subsequent article of Dien may XANH! Outstanding technologyThe
oil-free fryer always supports housewives with many features like timer, temperature modification acceptable for dishes, many
cooking modes like frying, frying, baking,... convenient for you to process many different menus. But, when compared to other
devices, notably gas cookers, the oil-free fryer saves more money for users. For families with less than 3 members, you should
choose to purchase a pot having a capacity of less than 2 liters. In case you have more than 3 members in your loved ones, you
should opt to buy a pot having a capacity of over 2 liters. Fryer ability To decide on the right pot capacity to your family, you
can rely on the number of members to choose the right product to purchase. Working principle of the oil-free fryerWhen working,
the heating element heats up and heats the air inside the fryer to 200 degrees Celsius. Following that, the fan will circulate
round the pot continuously for 15 minutes, helping the dish cook evenly. This fryer is acceptable for foods with available fat
like sausage, bacon, fatty fish,... And for other foods, you need to apply a thin coating of cooking oil so the final dish doesn't
dry out. Reasonable cost of oil-free fryerCurrently, the expense of an oil-free fryer is relatively soft compared to when it first
came out, which range from more than 1 million VND to 4 million VND.
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Địa chỉ: Đường Số 7, Trung Sơn, Bình Hưng, Bình Chánh, HCM.
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