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visit Den Gion in Vietnam

Located in the Binh Son – Ninh Chu beach resort in Ninh Thuan Province, Den Gion resort is designed with bold architecture of traditional, convalescence associated with the entertainment services. Den Gion resort is an area of 7 hectares in width. There are: Sakaya Restaurants, Premium Bungalow Zone, white sand beaches, restaurants wedding sand conferences, tennis courts, swimming pool… In early September 2009, Den Gion resort launched Champa Resort Area, with 44 double rooms that very unique architecture and Cham cultural traditions and operated by Đặt khách sạn - an online travel company. All are equipped with luxurious furniture, WIFI system, cable TV in pool design standards, with over 500m2 of water surface area, with pool bar for both adults and children; restaurants with special dishes of Europe – Asia, the bar served both outdoors and in rooms with gym, saunas, massage, luxury Spa. Besides organizing day tours as Vinh Hy Bay, traditional village of Cham, Po Klong Garai tower, Nui Chua National Park, Binh Tien beach, Nai lagoon, salt marshes, fishing ports…

From Hoang Tru relic group about 1,5km in the southwest, is located at Kim Lien Town, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. From the outer sight, the place is almost identical with any village in rural area of Vietnam, but which makes it become famous because it is the motherland of the greatest leader in modern history of Vietnam: President Ho Chi Minh. The relic group include: the House of President Ho Chi Minh’s father, Well… is the mark of deep memories of President Ho Chi Minh. Like the other normal rural villages in Vietnam, Sen village is so quiet, peaceful and poetic with green bamboo, public well, temple’ ground where festivals or crucial occasions of the village taking place. The village landscape is further adorned by numerous mountains far away that are hidden in vague cloud and blue sky. Visitors come to this village mostly to visit the house where Uncle Ho has grown up before he travelled abroad the find the way to rescue Vietnam from colonization. The house was built by the local people in 1901 to celebrate high result in national examination of Uncle Ho’s father Nguyen Sinh Sac. It has been preserved with almost original structure and design, with all simple objects of a Confucianism family, around the house is a lush garden with numerous green plants. Per year, thousands of visitors visit the destination to not only know more about Uncle Ho’s life, but also express the respect to the mighty father of Vietnam. Grang Waterfall (Ta Bhing, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province) became the destination that attracted visitors because it has the beautiful waterfall, a wild and wonderful space.

Climbing over the slope about 300m length, Grang waterfall will be appeared in the majestic mountain. Standing at the foot of the waterfall, look up the sky, you will see the mists wind that so romantic. Not far away, the youth groups are playing together on the undulating rocks. With the Nuoc waterfall at Phuoc Xuan commune (Phuoc Son), the Grang waterfall is known as “fairy” among green forest with waterfalls flowed like silk soft squeeze halfway up the mountain. In Grang, exciting game of some teenagers with acrobatics, that made visitors scare. From a height of nearly 10 meters, many young people jumping into the water like circus acrobats performing. You should be careful when playing this adventure game. Mrs. A Viet Xinh – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ta Bhing commune said: “Whenever a tourist group to tour operator, especially foreign tourists with valid Vietnam visa, communal police forces that support on maintaining security, ensuring absolute safety for tourists”. Rains has stopped, begin dry season is when wild sunflowers bloom kneeling first petals bright yellow, a corner of the sky yellow dye. Wild sunflower brilliant but not lovely, people see it as a symbol of affection. Ba Vi is located in the west of Hanoi, from the center of Hanoi about 50 kilometers, is not only famous for the green steppes field but also the land of the wild flower. Bavi is located near the capital Hanoi, can go on the date. Leaving the crowded streets, moving around an hour by motorbike, travelers have arrived in the suburbs full of poetic, is wearing the brilliant yellow shirt of wild sunflowers.

This time, the online community and the young people are eagerly waiting to bloom season. At first sight quite similar to litmus sunflower blossom-also yellow petals radiating like the sun in the children’s imaginations. This plant can be grown from seeds or cuttings. Straight trunk if woody perennial will. When the bloom out of season, many trees dying away, others threadbare as life less. But the rainy season comes, we will become lush. In Ba Vi, all bloom open fields or on hillsides covered seemed that both a mountain full of yellow flowers. Wild sunflower appeared in the subject of poetry, pictures and love stories of couples. Therefore, when wild sunflower bloom, many people to flock to get a taste of Ba Vi, inspired songwriting… Not only domestic tourists but a lot of international visitors came to enjoy the nature of the flower season in Vietnam. When the rain finally ended, dry weather is chilly and wild sunflower will be blooming. Usually the early to mid-November is the peak season calendar of kneeling flower.